Electronic Health Records (EHR) software allows you to create an Internet-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vault to manage and maintain your medical records.
This EHR is free. You control the vault and can enter as much or as little information as you wish. This information can include medical history, medication, diagnostics images, etc... You can then decide to print out information, synch it with your iPhone, or bring it to physicians if you wish.
You can log on to www.gtipatientpower.com/quickreg/qreg.cfm and register. The registration can be accomplished in less than 2 minutes by merely entering the bold fields.
This simple registration process leads to a structured folder with several different tabs. These tabs were created to be helpful to physicians and other health care professionals. A panel of emergency department physicians and primary care physicians were consulted in the creation of this software in medical information.
As part of this registration and enrollment process, you are assigned a user name and a temporary secure password and encouraged to create your own password going forward.
You can transfer your medical records information to your own iPhone app.
NOTE: Your membership, name or information will not be passed on to anyone!
You can transfer your medical records information to your own iPhone app.
We have an individual app "My Health" ($0.99) plus a family version of My Family Health for your entire family ($2.99). You can get them now on the App Store.
My Family Health My Health (Individual)